Mexican Street Corn

Nothing Corny Here!

Recently we were at a great new Restaurant on King St. W in Toronto.  Its called Wilbur Mexicana. It’s Mexican, it’s Hipster, it’s Delicious! We stopped in after a long day of appointments in the city and we were ready to eat. When you enter the restaurant, you find the menus hanging on hooks along a little wall. You grab your menu, step up to the cash, grab a drink, order your meal and pay. You are given a number to place on your table and in no time at all (even though the place is packed) a friendly server brings your food. Wilbur Mexicana restaurant You need to stop by the Salsa bar once the food arrives. There must be 100 hot sauces to choose from. From “baby steps” to who invited “Diablo” you are going to find something to kick up the already awesome food. Wilbur Mexicana

We decided to try the Mexican Street Corn on the advice of the young woman who greeted us as we arrived.

Lets just say it did not disappoint!  The corn was hot and slightly smokey from being grilled over fire.

It was then spread with a Mayo type sauce and rolled in a salty crumbly cheese. The main course was the fajita but for now we want to talk about the corn.

Next time we went shopping there was really good corn in the grocery store so it was decided that we’d give it a shot, using our own method and ingredients and the result was amazing.

Mexican Street Corn


Remove the husk from the corn and microwave for 4 minutes grill to char slightly on the BBQ (fresh corn does not take long to cook.) Brush with President’s choice Chipotle Mayo or if not available mix any quality Chipotle sauce into Mayo Sprinkle with grated cheese. We tried both Feta and Parmesan and we loved both! Finally add a small amount of chopped Cilantro for a finishing touch. You may or may not want a bit of salt as the Mayo is quite spicy.

Bueno appetitie!

Mexican Street Corn